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GoodDay evolved as a logical next step in modern team management when typical online task management systems and applications fail to help individuals and teams be productive, self-regulating, and self-improving. GoodDay combines the fundamentals of management science with modern technology to increase productivity, effectiveness, motivation, sense of fulfillment, and enable effective change management in today’s postindustrial, information age organizations.

GoodDay is a web based software that lays out a set of team management principles and best practices and then uses modern technology to implement these principles and best practices for the organization, team and the individual within one online application. Technology automates the principles behind GoodDay, team management and self-regulation, and helps build new culture within the modern intellectual work offices. It is also scalable and adaptable to unforeseen changes within the team or organization and can be used by anyone. GoodDay is not a set of instructions or disparate tools, it is a system that starts working from day one and provides insight into the good, the bad and the ugly of everyday work from day one.

Why do we need GoodDay

With the shift from the industrial to information economy in 1970s, the economies have become more centered around networks and information flows, utilizing technology to enable the new way of how markets function. This same phenomenon can be observed within individual organizations where the functional roles of individuals can no longer be fulfilled without information technology and networks.

Now, in 2015, we see a lot of evidence that organizations have advanced from the industrial model to the online, information age model when it comes to their manufacturing, operational, and engineering processes. However, the most important area for organizations that rely heavily on non-engineering, non-manufacturing, intellectual workers’ performance is lagging behind, still operating on the principles of the industrial age: command and control. This area is team management and, when it comes to intellectual workforce, it still relies on individual team leaders to organize, measure, and inspire team member performance. GoodDay is the first application that describes how intellectual and typical office work teams can make a critical shift from the “command and control”, industrial age management model to the modern information age model where the principles of collaboration and productivity tools are enabled by technology and networks.

In short, we need GoodDay's task management software and planning tools because our offices are not as organized, productive, transparent and motivated as our engineering or manufacturing floors are. The reason for this gap is clear – we have learned how to organize, measure, and improve every step of the manufacturing or engineering process, but have not done this for the intellectual or office workers. A typical office manager’s daily performance is a black box and the best case scenario results in a monthly or quarterly KPI dashboard report. We need GoodDay to open up the black box and help intellectual workers be continuously aware of their progress and provide teams with tools for self-regulation, planning, transparency, and ongoing productivity improvement.

GoodDay Mission

The whole framework was developed with the question “why” in mind. Why is one team member more productive than the other? Why are our projects being delayed? The “why” behind GoodDay is our mission, and it is at the core of everything you will discover when using GoodDay.

The mission of GoodDay is to address the challenges of the modern Information age management and enable the transition from industrial to information/service economy business management practices and approach.

The mission is quite broad and includes several key components:

  • Bring together and organize best practices for management, collaboration and results-oriented teamwork making them available as online software for anyone.
  • Automate the adoption of best practices and principles, shifting the focus from personal leadership to teamwork and collaborative, self-regulating corporate culture.
  • Provide tools and solutions that increase performance and create a more productive and stimulating environment within organizations.
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