Wrike project management alternative

In the past year a lot of Wrike project management users moved to GoodDay platform seeing it a better alternative. Based on their feedback we did a comparison of both platforms to see why GoodDay is a good Wrike alternative for project management software.

Advanced features.

While both platforms provide the standard project management features and tools such as tasks management, project portfolio management, timeline and Gantt chart, file sharing, time tracking and others. GoodDay provides a significant number of advanced features which make the team work more productive, this includes advanced analytics, workload management, management views (i.e. what’s done, priorities, projects summary, events summary and more), advanced Kanban filters, Action Required and more.

Better customization options

A high level of customization is important aspect of project management, both platforms provide great approach to creating a custom workflows and custom fields, however GoodDay also allows customization for organization priorities, task types, events and more.


Cost is an important factor for small-medium size organizations and here GoodDay is absolutely winner. Most of the premium features in Wrike are available in free edition within GooDay. While average Wrike’s user license is about $ 20.00, GoodDay’s premium subscription is 4 times less with a fixed cost of $ 5 per user/month.

Superior usability

GoodDay did a great work on laying out all the interfaces with a concept of user’s experience first which makes it’s usability more intuitive and joyful for users.


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